wood-burning stoves manufactured and distributed

Generators, heaters, electrical equipment distributed to civilians in a war zone

Winter in Ukraine is brutal: many homes are damaged and critical infrastructure is destroyed. Through fall and into the winter, 40% of residents are without consistent power – electricity, heat, hot water, and internet. RememberUs.org is supporting the development of dual purpose heating units: stoves which can heat single family homes and cook food.

  • In the summer of 2022, we partnered with the Kremenchug Vocational School and L Trans Service, to  produce dual purpose heating units, which can warm single family homes as well as cook food.
  • In a winter of active warfare, with many homes destroyed, and no power, heating units are a critical lifeline.
  • To overcome the most difficult winter, we distribute these heating units to residential homes in heavily affected areas, like Kharkiv and Bakhmut. We also distribute heating units to hospitals, where they are highly demanded.

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