tons of humanitarian supplies to warzones delivered


civilians in the war zone helped

Our brave volunteers and partners drive to the front lines to help the people most in need. They travel to active zones to deliver food, water, candles, winter supplies, medicine, and more, to people in the most acute need and dangerous situations.

Since we started our organization, we always concentrate on the last mile – the most difficult part of any trip. Our goal has always been to provide the right types of relief, directly into the hands of the most vulnerable people. Our volunteers drive to the active war zones and provide deliveries to communities in critical need.  We take the “last mile” concept very seriously – going into nursing homes and elderly communities to deliver aid into the hands individuals with low mobility, into destroyed communities where families still live.

The team is responsive to immediately visit recently liberated zones, such as Borodyanka (3/22), Bucha (4/22), multiple trips in the fall to liberated Kharkivs’ka oblast – Balakleya, Izum, Volchansk, etc, many trips in November and December to Donets’ka oblast to Bakhmut (11/222), Konstantinivka, Pokrovsk, etc. Bi-weekly trips continue in 2023.

Our packages are carefully curated, ensuring people receive items they need – winter clothes, appropriate medicine, stoves, generators, candles and even chocolate and toys.   

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