RememberUs.org is a group of volunteers bound by a common goal: to prevent future genocides by honoring and commemorating those who perished in the Holocaust. In 2013, a single project in Kharkov, Ukraine sparked the genesis of our work. Since then we have expanded swiftly, both in size and in mission.

Today we are based in U.S. and Ukraine and have rolled out a series of ground-breaking projects. Our team is run entirely by volunteers and we are passionate, proud of our work, and constantly evolving.  We are grateful to all our volunteers, past and present, for their important contributions. If you would like to join our dynamic team, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


Julia Korsunsky – Executive Director, Trustee and Volunteer. For over 20 years Julia has been running independent Information Technology consulting services, managing projects in the financial, pharmaceutical, non-profit and other industries. She has developed curricula and taught in colleges and she is passionate about everything she does. Julia is one of two original founders of RememberUs.org and she is avid about fulfilling foundation’s charitable mission.
Igor Korsunsky – Executive Director, Trustee and Volunteer. Igor is a graduate of Boston University and he also holds a degree in Engineering from Kharkov, Ukraine. Igor is an experienced Information Technology manager. He managed teams within banking, finance, hedge-funds and manufacturing. He built several successful businesses from the ground up. Igor enjoys travelling and playing sports. Igor is one of two founders of RememberUs.org. He is motivated by the need and the challenge of raising awareness about the Shoah killing sites.
Alex Koifman – Director and Volunteer. Alex is a President of the Russian Jewish Community Foundation (RJCF), and IT Consultant, fitness professional and a Jewish activist.  He is a volunteer of the Year by Russian Jewish Forum. Alex has volunteered for Soviet Jewry Movement, Yad Vashem, Israel Advocacy, SAREL/IDF.
Doriana Froim – Director and Volunteer. Doriana was born in Moldova and came to the Boston area as a teenager. She received her Ph.D from MIT and as a life scientist she is now working in the pharmaceutical industry. Her hobbies include planning and organizing social and cultural events, performing with friends/musicians, and participating in various outdoors activities. Among many other things, she enjoys meeting passionate people, loves animals, and appreciates bold ideas. Doriana is volunteering for RememberUs.org because she wants to be involved in raising Holocaust awareness and maintaining Jewish cultural and historical heritage and passing on the knowledge.
Rabbi Moshe Bleich – Director and Volunteer. Moshe is a Rabbi Director and a founder of Wellesley & Weston Chabad, a strong mentor and an excellent speaker. He is fluent not only in English and Hebrew, but also Yiddish and Russian. Native of Brooklyn, NY, he lived in Jerusalem, London and Ukraine. He has wife and eight children.
Brendan Kidwell – Volunteer. Brendan is a free and open source software developer in New York City with a corporate IT gig as a day job. He runs RememberUs.org’s web site and communications applications. Brendan was the first person who joined the volunteer team of RememberUs.org
Rachel Korsunsky – Volunteer. Rachel is a graduate from George Washington University. She is an international business consultant; lives and works in Manhattan. Rachel was the original manager of the Social Media Team and helps us currently with marketing work.  Rachel strongly supports the cause and is keen to make a real difference.
Tatiana Dzevenskaya – Volunteer. Tatiana is a Web and Information Technology expert with many years of private sector experience in the Boston area. She is excited to dedicate her time and apply her skills at the non-profit, helping RememberUs.og to advance such an important cause..
Aleksey Kobelev – Volunteer (Project Management, Ukraine). Aleksey is a doctor by trade with a degree from Odessa National Medical University and years of experience in neuropathology and work as an ER doctor. His second degree is in economics and his passion is to be an entrepreneur. Ten years ago Aleksey co-founded 1TVS School in Kiev. A while back, when one of his students made her final work on the subject of Holocaust a brief conversation, that happened by chance, led Aleksey to get deeply involved in RememberUs.org volunteer work. Now, many projects and events in Ukraine are managed and/or coordinated by Aleksey.
Yana Rathman – Volunteer. Yana was born in Kiev, Ukraine and she now lives with her family in San Francisco. Her professional experience is in technology and education. Yana is very active with Jewish philanthropy organizations. She served on the Board of Governors for the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco. In addition to volunteering for RememberUs.org, Yana is also involved with several educational projects in Ukraine.
Simona Gilman – Volunteer. Simona is a marketing manager for a healthcare technology company based in Boston. In her free time she is also involved with Moishe House Cambridge and the Russian Jewish Moishe House of Boston where she organizes educational and social events for young Jewish professionals, and the Jewish Arts Collaborative. Simona is passionate about devoting her time to Jewish causes and bringing awareness of the Russian Jewish community to a wider audience.
Rachel Gaufberg – Volunteer. Rachel is a graduate from Clark University, where she studied Psychology. She currently works as a research assistant at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston and plans to start medical school in Fall 2020. Rachel is passionate about Holocaust education and recognizes the importance of keeping the stories and history of the Shoah alive.
Vera Medrano – Volunteer. Vera was born in the Soviet Union in what was then Leningrad and immigrated to the United States with her family in 1989. She earned a B.A. in Accounting in 2005 from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. and is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Finance at Johns Hopkins University. She runs the accounting and finance department for a real estate developer and private lender. She lives in Washington D.C. with her husband Harry and their Siberian husky. Vera wants to contribute in a meaningful way to the Jewish community in the U.S. and abroad.

– Zorina Anastasiya, volunteer designer (graphics and content)
– Verhovtseva Ekaterina, volunteer designer (content)

– trustee and volunteer – Tyaglo, Nataliya
– fundraising manager and volunteer – Brodskiy, Yana
– director and volunteer – Brodskiy, Slava
– wordsmith and volunteer – Kohn, Barbara
– volunteer – Abamelik, Olga
– event coordinators – Gelberger, Michelle; Kosariev, Oleg
– graphic designer – Ulman, Jessica
– Hillel coordinator  – Kitsenco, Lolita
– content research – Kobeleva, Ludmila
– content research  – Kolomiets, Ellen

Skairtanov, Katya (team manager)
Brodskiy, Polina (team manager)
Garber, Karen
Genis, Adir
Grupin, Daniel
Khazanov, Ricky
Korsunsky, Aron
Korsunsky, Daniel
Kuperman, Gene
Reznichenko, Nikki
Rieser, Sasha
Shapiro, Daniel
Shulman, Dina
Volosov, Adi
Vulikh, Dan