The Holocaust was one of the most evil, tragic, and deadly chapter of modern human history. At a juncture when anti-Semitism is on the rise, the last survivors of the Holocaust are fading, and knowledge remains limited, it is our moral responsibility to remember, learn, and pass on stories to future generations.

Little is known about Ukraine’s horrific Shoah (Holocaust) history. Some have heard the stories of the most infamous mass grave, Babyn Yar in Kiev, but few realize that Ukraine is filled with thousands of mass graves. Many of these graves are on the outskirts of rural towns: in wooded areas, fields, and ravines. In recent years, larger towns have begun labeling massacre sites with headstones and signs, however in most communities graves are overgrown, unkept, and unknown. The stories are hidden in the memories of the elderly, or kept in dusty, decentralized, archives.

Education and commemoration are two powerful tools, essential in ensuring that never again will such a genocide occur. It is our obligation to uncover these stories, commemorate the innocent victims, talk about the Righteous Among the Nations, and teach all generations across the globe to cement the notion that this history must not repeat itself.