Awards, letters and more…

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards from the Office of the President of the United States:

Award is given by Glazunov B. I., the Director General of Babin Yar preserve, Kiev, Ukraine

“Thank you for planting 12 metasequoia trees near the monument to murdered Jewish children”.

Award is given by Nesen M.G., the Director General of the College #7, Kremenchyk, Ukraine.

“Thank you for supporting creation of the Holocaust Museum at the college and supporting memorial park nearby”


Award is given by Gritsaenko A.P., mayor of Lubny, Ukraine

“Thank you for continuous support of local activities aimed at raising awareness about Zasulsky Yar Tragedy.”

Award is given by Ferentseva I.N., The Director General of the Drobitsky Yar Holocaust Memorial, Kharkov, Ukraine.

“Thank you for your continuous support of the Drobitsky Yar Holocaust Memorial”


Award is given by  Netyazyk M. V, mayor of Fastov, Ukraine

“Thank you for creating  the local Holocaust museum and supporting educational activities.”

Letter of Recommendation from the Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry and Holocaust Survivor Roald Hoffmann, who is also a professor at Cornell University.


Letter of Recommendation from Masha Yonin, Yad Vashem Museum, Director of Archive and Acquisition.


  • Thank you Letter (2015) from the Head of the Jewish Community from Lubny, Ukraine
  • Thank you Letters (20162015) from the Director of the Drobitsky Yar Holocaust Memorial.
  • Thank you and Request for Support letter (2018) from Bila Tserkva Jewish Community

Internet museum – “Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Jewish history and the Holocaust”
Internet museum – “Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. Jewish history and the Holocaust”
Internet museum – “Mirgorod, Ukraine. Jewish history and the Holocaust”